App Key Features

Everything you need to know all in one app designed by aquarium experts, for aquarium hobbyists.

Intelligent Alerts

Intelligent Alerts for Fish

Is this a schooling fish? Which fish are compatible with which?What about the water’s pH? No worries! Aquabuildr has intelligent alerts that take the guess work out when building your aquarium.

Aquarium Monitoring

Assistance in Monitoring Your Tank

Not only will Aquabuildr help you cycle your tank’s water, but we have Aquarium Monitoring built into the app to remind you what needs attention to keep your aquarium healthy!

Customized Starter Tanks

Aquabuildr has a wide variety of starter tanks for you to choose from if you don’t want to build from scratch. Anywhere from 5 gallon tanks up to 150 gallons!

Calculate the Tank Size

Adjust tank size based on your requirements

Not sure what size tank you need? No problem! Aquabuildr has a built-in feature that will allow you to plug your desired dimensions into the calculator to assist you in bringing the correct tank to your room.

Compatible fish Checker

Compatible list is auto updated

As the new fish is added list updates showing all the list of compatible fish list which makes easier to choose among thousands of fish. Based on pH range, temperature range, fish type the list is updated.